FlowerWhen I first started shooting, I discovered a love for photographing landscapes, nature, flowers, and sunsets. This love was rooted in my search for God. God is the creator of all things.
In fact, the Bible states “Since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made.”
When viewing any work of art, you can always see the artist. When photographing a sunset, I don’t just see a sunset but rather the Artist.
For me photography is the discovery of the greatest Artist of all.
Senior Portraits I was a part of a group of photographers talking about photography as a business. At the time it seemed that one the best ways to make money in photography was portrait photography.
I was hesitant at first to shoot portraits. But as I thought about it, I realized that God’s greatest creation was and is His people. In fact, He created us in His image.
Now I have a new quest, to find the personality and the essence of God. With every portrait that I capture, I am not capturing just your face but rather I am finding the beauty of God.
When I look through my lens and see you, I see not only you but a beauty that surpasses that of a sunrise.
What I have found as a family portrait photographer, people will come into my studio and say “I don’t take a good photo.” or “I am not photogenic.” My response is always the same “That is ok, I don’t take bad ones.” We laugh together and then I capture the best portraits they have ever had taken of them.
I truly believe that everyone is wonderfully and beautifully made. It is my mission as a family portrait photographer to capture that beauty so you too can see the beauty of the artist in your smile.
Childrens PhotographyWhen I am working with your family, I am looking for God’s beauty in you and your true expression that only you have.
I believe that you and your family are wonderfully and beautifully made by God. It is my mission as your family portrait photographer to capture that wonderfulness and beauty.
Senior PortraitsWhy would I want to do that? I believe that if you keep your eye focused on that beauty then your family will be strengthened. Your children will know where home is. Our families are our foundation in this world. Without families we would be lost.
How do you keep your eye focused on the goal of a strong and loving family? One way is family portraits. As you walk through your home and see your family portraits you are reminded that you are a member of a family. Every morning you kids wake up and see family portraits in their rooms, they are reminded of who they are and who loves them.
A portrait is not a piece of paper with inks and chemicals attached. But in reality a family portrait is a work of art that openly declares the beauty of God in your family and your love for one another.